Friday, February 25, 2011

Violin | Review: Black Violin Performance at The Orpheum

Congratulations to Black Violin to carve out a place in music appreciation.
The group, which performed Wednesday at the Orpheum, brings a mix of hip-hop, pop, jazz and classical, that is for everyone who loves a good mash-up, even though the concert was directed mainly young Orpheum.
And the room was crowded with young people, parents, teachers and music lovers, the trio gave a strong signal.
Both directors are Kev Marcus and Wil electric violin to the viola-B sound. They were accompanied by DJ TK has done the hard work electronically in an evening that has all sorts of musical tastes and explorations.
The melodies are all blends, usually heavy on electronics and special effects with the classic makes its appearance largely as a flavoring, as opposed to a separate plate. In "Dirty Orchestra," there were influences Vivaldi, but more importantly, Black Violin has been to "liven up classic," as they said.
In fact, he paid tribute to a number of the artists' sounded like Alicia Keys. 
Whatever the musical gumbo Black Violin Wake does is always a lot of big talk, the focus for the public and the meaning he wants to raise as well as entertain.
"We're going against the tide," said Kev Marcus, though many remained in their influences. It 's just that these influences ranging from Bach to Miles Davis, Beethoven and Brahms to Timbaland Motown.
And if going against the current, let 's bring back more black violin.


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