Friday, January 29, 2010

Tea Bag - ティーバッグ

Do you like tea? Or maybe coffer.Anyhow most househole have some
tea bag available all time.After you use a teabag to make yourself a cup of tea, what do you do with it ? Chances are we throw it away. What else could we do with it? After some research and self testing,there are a few proven worked way that we can reused the used tea bag.

My top 3 reuses and favorite method :

1.)Reduce Puffy Eyes
Drain out the tea bay and make sure it is not dripping but still damp. Place in the refrigerator.For this,we need two tea bags instead.The damp, cool, tea bags is the best way of reducing puffy eyes.I believe most tea bags will work, certain teas such as Rose will work best.As for rose water is known for its benefits to skin, especially if it is mixed with green tea which contains anti-oxidants.

Tea bags do wonders for the garden.Any tea bag, including tea dust and oil flavored teas all work well as fertilizer to our potted green at home.

3.)Odor Control
Tea leaves absorb surrounding odors, even if they've already been used.And there are a few ideas for how we can freshen things up a bit:

* Put a used tea bag in the fridge.
* Dry a used tea bag and put it in your potpourri.
* Empty the used tea bag, and sprinkle your leaves in your vacuum cleaner.Next
time you vacuum,it will make your carpet smell nice.
* If it's a green tea bag, you can make Chagra. Essentially, it's dried out
green leaves from a used tea bag. You can sprinkle it onto a variety of spots
in the house to take bad odors away.

Try these out yourself and you will find it really worked.

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