Sunday, September 28, 2008

Endless Bloom - 無限の花

The hibiscus plant at our front yard always presents in it's endless bloom. It makes our house look very lively.With it's big red flower , the hibiscus plant makes our life full of color too.The children love it very much and they even brought the hibiscus flowers to school for Science teaching material once.

Having a green garden with some flowers not only can beautified our home but it also will bring great effect to out living environment too.If you can't have a garden , you can always alternatively have a few pot of plant in the house. It really make a change of your life.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Mid Autum Festival - 半ば秋祭

We had a fantastic Mid Autum festival last week. The children really had some great time playing paper lantern and candle together. The adult also enjoyed ourselves very much by looking at them and recalled our childhood.
We hardly can found the traditional paper lantern in the market.And less people celebrated this festival in the traditional way. It's mean whole family gather around in the garden having moon cake and drinking tea. The most of all is the reunion that matter.Hopefully our next generation will still keep up with the tradition and remember the true meaning of living.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hair - 髪

Went to the salon last week and had my hair cut. And this time, I had my long and straight hair which I kept for about ten years cut short.Felt fresh and young after that! Most of all , I won't need much time to keep my hair stay clean and look good all the time. On the other hand , save up lots of resource too.

Life may need some changes to make it lively and stay challenge. To keep our life style changed toward green life will be a great and good challenge too!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Green Project - 緑のプロジェクト

How do you disposed the engine oil bottle?

We are planning a green project at my son's school which called " Green Worm ". The school had dispatched note to all parents to invite them to join the project by giving away their used engine oil bottle regardless of color and shape. We found a very good example from a friend's website which will be our base model and it looks more or less like this photo. The green project will be held at 17 September 08 which is the school public holiday. Hope everything goes well! And most of all , we hope this event will bring up some awareness on recycling to the community!

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