Sunday, September 6, 2009

Peace - ピース

I read this story from Reader's Digest sometime goes something like this

Two apples were discussing on the state of the world.

Apple 1: Look at these human beings. Everyone is fighting
among each other. They don’t know how to live in

Apple 2: I agree. They seem to fight for the smallest of
reasons. Some of them are really silly. I wonder why
they called themselves as intelligent.

Apple 1: Yeah. If they were intelligent, they should know that
that their actions will only cause their own

Apple 2: Yes...and when that happens, we Apples will rule the

Apple 1: Which ones?....The reds or the greens?

After thought....

Even, if there is slightest of differences between 2 people, they bound to be disagreements, arguments and fights. We can't escape from this.
So when
peace can truly be among the human nation regardless of races or nations?

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