Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hollywood Going Green - The 10 Hottest Green Celebs of 2007 -

Hollywood Going Green - The 10 Hottest Green Celebs of 2007 -

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Beijing Olympics: Fantastic Green Fireworks

Did you watch the spectacular fireworks display at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Beijing ?According to Official Beijing Olympics Website the bangs and booms will cause little damage to the planet than they usually do. It is because the firework is designed originally for indoor use, the ‘cold’ fireworks reach a temperature of ‘only’ 270C (518F) and quickly cool to 100C (212F), protecting the membrane structure of the new National Stadium where the display takes place.

According to Wang Ning, in order to highlight the characteristic of a 'Green Olympics' , some of the fireworks at the Opening Ceremony is used small smoke powder, or so-called 'minimum smoke powder'. Some sophisticated launch tech is reduced the smoke and dust to minimize the impact or pollution to the environment.This is really a wonderful green surprise from China and something that adds a nice little touch to the games.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Nature Poem - 自然の詩

Nature's Favorite Color

The green foliage is an attractive sight
On the vast landscape on a clear summer day,
As the white daisies gradually unfold along the side
Of a winding roadway that is somber and gray.

It is a picturesque view that one will readily admit,
Blesses the color of green to the greatest height,
And yet it is a scene that enlightens one's mind
With euphoria and great pleasure and delight.

It is not the beauty of the unfolding rose,
Nor the mellow sunflowers near the old mill,
But the color green - Nature's matchless green
On the highlands that gives one a welcomed thrill.

It is beholding of the color of green,
On the growth of leaves on a swaying tree,
And on the landscape far and wide indeed,
As green is Nature's favorite color for all to see.

Beautiful Poem by Joseph T. Renaldi

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Memory - メモリ
Recently , I had met a primary school friend who was once a buddy of mine and we had found out that it had been so many years since we last met. We looked different and with distance that like stranger. I felt sad instead of happiness for our acquaintance.

Somehow, memories started to expand unlimitedly in my mind like an old movie. But the person that sat in front of me can’t fit in my memory at all. I told myself that after all this while, we had our own different life experience and stories which totally without connection of each other. This might be the best reason for the wall that built between two of us. However the meet up was short and shallow.

In order to keep my precious memory in my heart with perfect remembrance, I will not meet her again.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Arctic Circle - A Global Warming Comic Strip - Environmental Humor -

Arctic Circle - A Global Warming Comic Strip - Environmental Humor -

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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Global Warming - グローバル暖かいとなる

Tree - 木

I was so furious after seeing those people cutting down the big big trees that happened to be nearby their houses.I wondered what had those precious old trees done to them. Maybe they are lazy to clean up the falling leaf or just wanted to show off their newly renovated big houses! And yet not action can be taken against them cause the land are theirs.

These people might not know that trees can beautify our surroundings, purify our air, act as sound barriers, manufacture precious oxygen, and help us save energy through their cooling shade in summer and their wind reduction in winter.

I hope whoever cut down a tree can plant a new tree .In fact it will takes many years for the tree to grown as tall as the cut down tree. But by doing so we can return to a more natural, less artificial environment. Birds and other wildlife are attracted to the area. The natural cycles of plant growth, reproduction, and decomposition are again present, both above and below ground. Natural harmony is restored to the urban environment!

Let's plant a tree today!

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