Monday, May 30, 2011

Green Technology | The New Green Technologies To Reduce Carbon Emissions

What have we done?
There 's no denying, the planet will not be abused more. The recent changes in climate, clear signs of increasing pollution and devastating earthquakes reported, they all seem to be signs that our choices have increased seriously, and very negatively, as a result of our environment. It 's very rare to find someone who does not have a motor vehicle, or both. Most U.S. households have at least two cars in their garage. Every day, millions of people take to the streets to start their daily commute, most of them to drive alone to work.
Our dependence on the automobile and, more specifically, the fuel has seriously increased the release of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the air. Carbon emissions are increasingly depleted ozone layer and created a serious environmental problem. Not only the CO2 emissions that produce the smell of smog, which creates an eyesore and air, but also contributes to the continuing deterioration of our planet in general health. E 'must find ways to reduce carbon emissions.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sustainability | Intel Holds Steady On Corporate Sustainability Performance

The latest high-tech giant to report on its corporate sustainability initiatives is Intel, and its 2010 Corporate Responsibility Report offers more evidence that the road toward environmental best practices is full of many pot holes. On the face of it, there are many great things for the company to report - notably its use of solar energy and purchases of renewable energy credits. But if you glance at its performance summary, you'll notice that it is much more challenging for technology companies - especially manufacturers - to manage water consumption, energy usage and chemical waste generated when revenue begins to climb.

Here are some of those stats, along with the comparisons with 2009:
Energy consumption : This is the most positive story that Intel has to tell. During 2010, it uses about 5.2 million kilowatt-hours, slightly higher than the 5.1 million kilowatt-hours that is used in 2009. Intel actually has nine solar electric installations in the United States and Israel that collectively generate 3.8 million kilowatt-hours annually. Intel also is still the single largest purchaser of renewable energy credits in the United States, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Greenhouse gas emissions : Intel reported a higher level of carbon dioxide emissions in 2010, compared with the previous year - 2.12 million metric tons versus 2.05 million metric tons. That is a far cry from the 4.02 million metric tons it reported in 2006. Its overall goal is to reduce absolute greenhouse gas emissions by 20 percent between 2007 and 2012. By my calculation, it needs to continue to squeeze out some more emissions in order to meet that goal.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Pianist | Semifinals Begin At Van Cliburn International Piano Competition

After Madalyn Bingham Taylor's youngest son was killed in a freak accident at his family's tire shop Utah 12 years ago, could barely make it to play her beloved piano, and only then would run fingers on the keyboard while sitting in the dark.But she decided not to give up music because he wanted to see his family that "no matter how hard things get, just keep trying. You must keep the light in your life."

Now Taylor is among 25 semifinalists for the Van Cliburn International Piano Competition for Amateurs Sixth, a prestigious competition held every four years to 35 years or older who earn their living teaching or playing the piano, although there are many training Classic. Some 70 pianists from 10 countries began competing in Fort Worth this week, and prizes will be awarded Sunday night, after the six finalists perform.

Taylor, 61, who was to perform Friday night, he taught piano lessons part-time while raising six children and help run the tire industry. The confident woman and her husband, who recently celebrated their 42nd wedding anniversary, having fought the youngest son's death, 'but he wanted to do something positive.

So, Taylor has started taking weekly piano lessons to hone his talent, driving an hour each way from his home in Marriott-Slaterville, Utah, and won second place in both competitions several years ago. The first time competitor Cliburn laughs when recalling that she didn 't even said to his piano students, or most of the parents about the contest until just before she flew to Texas, because it feels so uncomfortable in the spotlight.
"I 'm glad to have this (music) for me, and I' m not trying to start a career, but I also wanted an example for my children that you should keep pushing to the next level, no matter how old you get "he said. "There are too many things that you feel alive when you walk on that stage. ... But if I had my way, I 'd go on stage with the curtains closed."

Dominic Piers Smith, another semifinalist who made Friday, he designed racing cars as a team leader for aerodynamics Petronas GP Mercedes Formula One Team. A couple of cars he helped design won the Indianapolis 500 and Formula One World Championship.
Smith, 35, of Oxford, England, took piano lessons as a child but stopped when he decided to pursue a career in music instead of engineering. But after a hiatus of 10 years, he realized he missed the piano and began taking lessons again a few years ago - that led to winning a 2007 competition in London and playing with different orchestras.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sustainability | Maritime Singapore Green Initiative

The Singapore Business Review reported that the Maritime Singapore Green Initiative seeks to further reduce the environmental impact of shipping and related activities to promote clean and green shipping.The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) plans to invest up to SGD100 million (US$80.25 million) over the next five years in its 'Maritime Singapore Green' initiative.

According to the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore, Maritime Singapore Green Initiative is a comprehensive initiative comprising three programmes - 'Green Ship Programme', 'Green Port Programme' and 'Green Technology Programme".

Emphasizing Singapore’s commitment to address greenhouse gas emissions by shipping, Minister Lim said, “To encourage companies who are ready or thinking about undertaking environmentally-friendly shipping practices above and beyond what is IMO-mandated, the MPA will invest up to S$100 million over the next five years in the Maritime Singapore Green Initiative. This initiative underscores Singapore’s commitment as a responsible flag, and port state to clean and green shipping.”

Sustainability | Sustainability First Results Of Student Survey

The results for the West Michigan Student 'University' s Office of Sustainability's first sustainability survey of students, which was revealed in a forum held in room 1220 of WMU's Chemistry Building Tuesday night.
The forum was hosted by Matthew Hollander, Office of Sustainability's Sustainability Project Coordinator, and walls Zach Smith, a senior planning on majoring in environmental studies and urban regional."The survey gives us enough information for us to work on, and this forum gives us a chance to talk and discuss its results," said Hollander.

Founded in October 2010 and located in Faunce Hall, the mission of the Office of Sustainability, according to the website of the office 's, that is to "guide and assist the community of Western Michigan University in fulfilling its commitments sustainability and growth ", and build" diverse and flourishing community of learning around sustainability. "

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sustainability | Sustainability Experts: Reason For The Nomination Early Real Estate Development Projects

Sustainability is a powerful concept and one that requires a large local interpretation, the definition and articulation. Higher and higher requirements on real estate development projects to make a significant contribution to the sustainable development agenda for the early identification of constraints, opportunities and essential requirements. A specialist in sustainability can help to identify risks and opportunities and advise the team on planning and design measures that improve the profitability of the proposed project. In this article we present three reasons why sustainability experts should be appointed at an early stage of project development.
To avoid unnecessary costs and cost overruns:
Many sustainability criteria have a major influence on the design of some elements. Therefore, delaying the treatment of sustainability issues in the later stages of the development program involves a substantial risk that fundamental changes are needed in the planning or high cost alternatives should be implemented. Consider the provision of renewable energy on site as an example. There is often a requirement that a certain amount of energy that is used on the website is on the development site from renewable sources. ways are often the most convenient system of independent media as a biomass plant in combined heat and power. These solutions require space. When the energy strategy is considered the end of the cycle of the project all available land has been generally attributed to a particular purpose. Both options are usually either the provision of micro-generation, annexed to any building or fundamental redesign of the entire project. Both solutions are added to the cost of the project. The first solution will increase the cost of capital construction, the second solution involves additional costs to redesign the project.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pianist | Be Pianist Master: The Master Piano Notes

 Whatever the reason to play the piano, of course, has crossed my mind to become a master pianist. In fact, it could also be your ultimate goal so far. As the piano is one of the most popular in the world, has a rich history like no other, should not be surprising that many musicians aspire to the same ambition as you.
There are several things you should consider in order to achieve your musical goals. Of course, becoming a teacher means that there should be a lot of study and training. Even the idea of ??learning is attractive because many complicated concepts, like what many people think that these techniques are usually those of you separate from the rest. But here's the secret 'is not always the case.
A better way to learn to play piano is smart to be very familiar with the notes of the piano. But this is basic skills', they say. Yes it is. But this "basic skills" is really the foundation of piano playing superb.
The common mistake of pianists, especially those just starting, is to rush things. They tend to brush through some issues before proceeding to the next. This is important for them to go to the advanced technology in the shortest possible time. Ideally, however, is counter-productive.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Movie l Posters of Pirates of the Caribbean - On Stranger Tides

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides is a 2011 American adventure fantasy film and the fourth installment in the Pirates of the Caribbean series. In the film, Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) is joined by Angelica (Penélope Cruz) in his search for the Fountain of Youth, confronting the infamous, real-life, legendary pirate Blackbeard (Ian McShane), the young missionary Philip Swift (Sam Claflin) and the beautiful mermaid Syrena (Àstrid Bergès-Frisbey). The plot draws inspiration from the novel On Stranger Tides by Tim Powers, which also inspired the LucasArts game The Secret of Monkey Island. It is directed by Rob Marshall, written by Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio, and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer.

 The movie was distributed by Walt Disney Pictures and was released in the United Kingdom and Italy on May 18, 2011, in Australia and Turkey on May 19, 2011, and in the United States and Canada on May 20, 2011. The release was presented in Disney Digital 3-D and IMAX 3D, as well as in traditional two-dimensional and IMAX formats.

News | People In The News

HALEY REINHART: Haley Reinhart was eliminated from "American Idol" Thursday night, paving the way for Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery to battle it out in next week's finals.

Haley Reinhart reported Alaina, 16, and McCreery, 17, are the two youngest finalists in the show's 10-season history.Host Ryan Seacrest said 95 million people voted after Wednesday night's edition of the show.

 ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER : Former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger will not resume his acting career as planned because he is dealing with personal issues, his management said.
Schwarzenegger finished his second term as governor this year and announced he was looking to return to the big screen where he enjoyed starring in blockbusters such as "Terminator" and "True Lies."
However, he has since separated from Maria Shriver, his wife of 25 years, after admitting he fathered a son with a household staffer more than a decade ago.
Schwarzenegger's infidelity made headlines this week and he has since confirmed the story.
E! News said his representatives at Creative Artists Agency announced Thursday Schwarzenegger is now focusing on his family rather than his film career.
"Gov. Schwarzenegger is focusing on personal matters and is not willing to commit to any production schedules or timelines," CAA said in a statement. "This includes 'Cry Macho,' 'The Terminator 'franchise and other projects under consideration. We will resume discussions when Gov. Schwarzenegger decides."

Chesley Sullenberger
CHESLEY SULLENBERGER : Hero pilot and author Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger, III has been named CBS News Aviation and Safety Expert, the U.S. network announced.
Sullenberger will provide analysis of aviation safety and contribute to CBS News broadcasts and platforms across the news division, it was announced Thursday by Jeff Fager, CBS News chairman and "60 Minutes" executive producer, and David Rhodes, president of CBS News.
Texas native Sullenberger, who has logged nearly 20,000 hours of service in the skies, became an international hero Jan. 15, 2009, when he and his crew safely guided US Airways Flight 1549 to an emergency landing in New York City's frigid Hudson River after the plane's two engines had lost thrust following a bird strike. Sullenberger's quick thinking and decisive action enabled him to execute an emergency water landing that saved the lives of all 155 people aboard, CBS said.
"Sully is an American treasure and it is a real thrill to have him on our team at CBS News," Fager said in a statement. "I am a huge fan of Sully's. He is a remarkable person who has a great ability to turn his significant experience into useful insights. He will help our viewers better understand the stories involving safety and air travel that seem to pop up all of the time."
"Sully is a genuine hero -- everyone at CBS News is excited to have him as a colleague," Rhodes said. "He wants to share his insights not only on aviation but on a whole range of safety and leadership issues that confront us each day."
"I am very pleased to join the remarkable team at CBS News," said Sullenberger, "and I am eager to contribute to an organization I have long respected for its award-winning reputation of superior reporting."
Sullenberger is the author of the book, "Highest Duty: My Search for What Really Matters."
Track Palin
 TRACK PALIN: Sarah Palin's 22-year-old son, Track, has married his high-school sweetheart Britta Hanson in Hatcher Pass, Alaska, their families told
Sarah Palin is a former governor of Alaska and 2008 Republican U.S. vice presidential nominee. Track Palin is an Army reservist who plans to start college in the fall and Hanson, 21, is a nursing student.
"Our families couldn't be happier," Track's parents, Sarah and Todd Palin, and Britta's parents, the Rev. Duane and Elizabeth Hanson, said in a joint statement issued to Thursday. "These are two hard-working, humble, active, studious young adults who grew up together. We're tickled that after two decades of friendship we proudly witnessed their marriage, knowing their new life together will be blessed."
The newlyweds intend to have a larger wedding celebration this winter at Alaska's Alyeska Ski Resort, their families said.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sustainability | Sustainability Talks Missing Student Voice

Chances are you have heard the word 'sustainability' time or two from being at DePaul. You probably have noticed the water bottle filling stations and have seen the new trashcans outside the sac. But what is sustainability, and what it means to DePaul? That's exactly what the Sustainability Initiative Task Force (SITF) is trying to answer a series of 'round-table discussions' with the faculty and student-leaders.
"It's not just recycle," said Dr. Ron Nasher, who is hosting the meetings. Although the environment is what comes to most people's minds when they think of sustainability, it is actually in three parts, a program of interlinked environmental, economic and social sustainability.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sustainability | Surge In Take-up Of Life-cycle Assessment Tools To Improve Sustainability

The increasing demands of customers and regulators to improve environmental performance and transparency are driving a renewed interest in the life cycle assessment (LCA), a study reveals.
LCA is a method to analyze the environmental impact of products and services that take into account their entire life cycle. A strength of LCA is that studies of the whole product system, and thus prevents business mitigate environmental impacts at the expense of another aggravating factor.
The report suggests that the active use of life cycle assessment and life cycle become table stakes in large companies, and those who aspire to lead in the next 2-5 years.
By any measure, the number of scientific publications dealing with the ACL has more than doubled in the last two years. LCA tool vendors and consultants are reporting an increase of 30 "40% per year.
Companies use LCA in a variety of ways: modeling of the environmental impacts of a new production process before building a factory, driving product innovation and improve the environment, Backup marketing claims with scientific analysis.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Sustainability | Benefits of Wooden Toys for Your Kids

Childrens wooden toys are great eco friendly alternative to plastic toys, they are durable, safer for your kid’s health, stimulate creativity, better for the environment and in the long run they even save you money.Share with you some of the benefits of wooden toys:

Most of the plastic toys have a very short life span, they break easily and we always have to replace the broken toys with new ones. I have only few toys that I can pass from my older daughter to the younger one.
Wooden toys, however, are sturdier and can last for generations. You can pass them from one kid to another and they will still good in condition.

Good children wooden toys are made from eco-friendly, sustainable and high quality wood, while many plastic toys contain PVC, bisphenol-A, phthalates or lead which are extremely dangerous for young children. Also, wooden toys are usually finished with completely non-toxic, child friendly substances.

Stimulate Imagination
Wooden toys, can stimulate your child’s imagination and creativity since they require a higher level of involvement from your child’s part. Games such as puzzles and building blocks help develop motor skills as well as thinking skills.

Cost Effective
Although wooden toys are relatively expensive, when you take into account:
  • That they last for years and even generations.
  • You can pass them on from one child to another.
  • You don’t have to buy many cheap breakable toys.
  • And don’t forget their health benefits.
With all that, you might come to the conclusion that they are a worthy investment.
Earth Friendly
Plastic toys contain dangerous chemicals that are bad for the environment and when they end up in landfills they will stay there for centuries, while wooden toys are biodegradable and they made from renewable, plantation grown, chemically-free wood that is safer for the environment and your child’s health.

I believe good quality children wooden toys can be a great addition to your child’s playtime, they are much safer then the plastic toys and they are eco friendly. Isn't  that all we care the most ?

Friday, May 13, 2011

Sustainability | HP 2010 Sustainability Performance Report - A Mixed Bag

HP sustainability reports are always a meaty read which provide an interesting insight on the performance and impact of one of the world's largest tech companies. 2010 marks HP's 10th annual report and while it doesn't disappoint as an interesting read it does cause pause for both admiration and concern in almost equal measure.
First the good news:
HP delivers 2.5% reduction in energy consumption and 9% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from direct operations. The improvements were driven by efficiencies associated with the EDS integration, other corporate initiatives and the purchase of green credits.Frustratingly though, HP is unable to report 2010 supplier manufacturing energy and greenhouse gas data and existing estimates for this and transportation appear to be just this - estimates. HP have had really stellar results in their operating performance but we really have no idea if the carbon energy saving shave just been merely displaced elsewhere on the value chain. HP also reported that the Carbon Disclosure Project had marked down its score in the CDP leader index to 66% from 89% the prior year.
As a general comment appropriate to all environmental reporting these days - it really is high time some form of causal factor analysis is provided to reveal the true underlying sustainability performance once volume and other non performance variance factors have been stripped away.
Green products - HP achieved and exceeded its goal to reduce energy consumption of its products to 25% below 2005 levels by 2010. In fact HP has achieved a 35% reduction below 2005 levels and is striving to reach 40% in 2011.
HP has now declared its notebook range as PVC and BFR free. This will go some way to avoidance of another building invasion by Greenpeace . Still HP could still be heading for another round in the ring with activitsts with its revised forecast of its target to achieve total elimination in 2011on track but only for 90% achievement.
The Tech gallery is awesome! At last anyone reading the report can browse the product offerings and understand how HP technology can enable sustainability performance. Its a great addition on the 10th anniversary though maybe 10 years late already.
Conflict minerals - this is more of a neutral comment rather than positive or negative comment. On the one hand HP does a great job of explaining the issue of how minerals extracted in war torn regions of the Democratic Republic Congo lead to the financing of a pretty brutal civil war human rights abuses inherent in the mining labor conditions.HP is supporting recent SEC regulation requiring due diligence whilst bemoaning the complexity of third tier supply chain verification. Meanwhile HP has not set itself any voluntary targets for elimination of the conflict minerals from its products.This adds up to a risk of HP taking a tick box approach to futile supplier verifications when perhaps a more muscular approach to conflict mineral removal is what is appropriate. After all, HP was able to do so for mercury, PVC and BFRs so why not conflict minerals?

Good Health | Women's Health: Good Oral Health = Good Health Overall

Do you instruct you had Julia Roberts ' typical grin or Jessica Alba 's voluptuous beam? Find out because wanting a superstar grin may be in your on the whole health's most appropriate interest!According to, great verbal health is necessary to great broad health. Recent studies have related resin illness to a accumulation of health problems that start women, inclusive heart disease, diabetes, respiratory problems and conceiving physically outcomes.

Because resin illness is a bacterial infection, it can come in the bloodstream and aim these health problems at a faster speed:
Heart Disease: People with resin illness have scarcely twice the danger of having a deadly heart attack. Heart illness is moreover the number a hired gun of American women.
Diabetes: Gum illness is a danger reason for diabetes, even in instead strong individuals.
Respiratory Problems: Bacteria that blossom in the verbal hole can go to the lungs, causing respiratory diseases, inclusive pneumonia.
Pregnancy Outcomes: Pregnant women who have resin illness may be more expected to have a too soon newborn and may experience increased levels of biological fluids that influence labor.

Women moreover have special verbal health mandate during their unique phases in life. Changes in womanlike hormone levels during puberty, menstruation, conceiving physically and menopause heighten the way gums conflict to plaque. So at these times, women must be notably in depth when brushing and flossing every day to be able to stop resin disease.
Because resin illness is often painless, many women may not even noticed that they have it until it reaches an modernized state. Your most appropriate invulnerability is to brush and floss every day and see your dentist regularly.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Sustainability Ideas | Turning Vision For Forest Heights Into Reality

Forest Heights Mayor Jacqueline E. Goodall had grand visions for the town even before assuming office.
And in her first few months, residents and other leaders think the new mayor is making good on her promises to turn dream into reality, even when funding could be a problem.
Three recent events — a Forest Heights Cleanup week, which ended April 28, Oxon Run creek cleanup on April 23 and an April 28 presentation of sustainability ideas by students in the University of Maryland College of Agriculture and Natural Resources — have leaders taking notice of the once-troubled town.The events relate to Goodall's environmental focus and desire to transform Forest Heights into a socially, ecologically and economically sustainable municipality.
"I met with them periodically through all of the mayors that they had," said Del. Veronica Turner (D-Dist. 26) of Fort Washington, whose district includes Forest Heights. "They just had to find one that had a vision, that cared about making this place wonderful. Jackie [Goodall] has a vision and a heart and the passion to make things better, to turn things around."
 Turner said she would be willing to fight to bring funding to the town of 2,500 residents."I'm willing to work with them and help them get the money that they are going to need," she said. "All they have to do is have a vision."Goodall's dreams will not be cheap.
In January, Goodall, then a Ward 1 councilwoman, led the effort to bring in the Baltimore-based consulting engineering firm Pennoni Associates Inc., who estimated the town would need to spend nearly $10 million to revamp its storm water drainage system, which has been in place for more than six decades and has been prone to flooding.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Green News l The First Hybrid Vehicle - 1900 Porsche 'Semper Vivus'

1900 Porsche 'Semper Vivus' developed in 1899 by Ferdianand Porsche
 The Lohner-Porsche Mixte Hybrid was the first hybrid vehicle developed in 1899 by Ferdinand Porsche. It was a series hybrid using wheel hub motors mounted in each wheel, and powered by electricity delivered from both batteries and a small generator.

The car created a press whirlwind, and news traveled as far as Britain, from where Lohner received their first order for an example. However, the car, ordered by a Luton dweller, was to be significantly different from the car shown at the Paris Expo. It had to be capable of running on petrol, as well as electricity, of carrying four passengers (the demonstrator was a two-seat, low slung type) and also had to be four-wheel drive. As a result, the final product was a monster — it required 1.8 tonnes of batteries consisting of a forty-four cell 80 volt lead battery, and cost a massive 15,000 Austrian Crowns. However, the car was completed on time, and was delivered personally by Porsche. The buyer was so impressed that he purchased another, two-wheel drive example. While it had a form of battery, they were not charged from external sources so it was not a Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle or PHEV.

At the same time, the Lohner company had broken the Austrian land speed record, with the car’s top speed of 37 mph (60 km/h). With Porsche at the wheel, the car was victorious in a number ofmotosport events, and by 1905, Porsche had won the Potting Prize as Austria’s most outstanding automotive engineer. In 1906, Porsche was snapped up by Daimler-Benz as chief designer, and left Lohner coachworks for good. Jacob Lohner said, at the time: ‘He is very young, but is a man with a big career before him. You will hear of him again.’
The Lohner-Porsche’s design was studied during NASA’s efforts to create the Apollo program’s Lunar Rover, and many of its design principles were mirrored in the Rover’s design. The series hybrid concept underpins many modern railway locomotives, and interest in series hybrid automobiles is growing rapidly.

From May 10 until June 13 fans of hybrid vehicles can catch a glimpse of this world's first battery-powered vehicle -- 1900 Porsche 'Semper Vivus' -- at the Porsche museum.

Event  :'Ferdinand Porsche - hybrid automobile pioneer'
Date    : May 10 - June 13
Venue : Porsche Museum
            Stuttgart, Germany

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Green News | New Renewable Energy: Renewable Energy-powered Remote Pole Lights

Green Wave Energy 's World Light Pole made the news because the new renewable energy aspects of proprietary technology, including wind power and accessibility of solar energy. The accessibility to both types of renewable energy enables the delivery of constant light and power to remote locales, including deserts, rocky coasts, mountains, disaster areas where networks have been exhausted, and even the jungle.
The cluster also has the advantage of having an energy storage system that can be constructed and operated in almost all locations.
Green Wave announced that CEO Mark Holmes is proud of the renewable energy powered lamp post the distinctive attribute of being the only one who can give light and strength in a place where electricity has not yet been installed.

Other benefits include the ability of the cluster to endure hurricane winds and flooding, and its ability to generate electricity that can be used to power installations such as water purifiers and cookware.
World light pole is constructed using the bolt that holds the pole so that it becomes inviolable resistant to various types of climate.
The product can be installed in 1-2 hours and can be disassembled and reinstalled in a new location. Its ability to be used for the temporary installation of security allows immediate relief.
Green Wave has partnered with Londex based in New York for an exclusive distribution agreement for three years on the African market which is worth several million dollars. In particular, the two target companies in Nigeria and other parts of West Africa in need of network infrastructure.
Holmes said that the hope in the underdeveloped world, with clean and renewable energy at a reasonable price from the sun and wind through their partnership with Londex.
Londex represents SA Resources Support Services, a non-governmental organization dedicated to improving the energy infrastructure and power of West African countries. Endy Eke Londex representative said that their team with the green wave is important for the good of West Africa.

Violin | Musical Instruments: The Largest Online Store For Violin

There are two specific ways you can go to buy a violin. The first method is to visit a music store that sells tools. The second and preferred method for musical instruments is done via a violin shop. This may sound strange, but most people prefer to buy a violin online violin shop, unlike a violin shop in person. The reason is simple: cost. A violin typically purchased from a violin shop in person could cost up to 500-100 dollars, while the violin and the same model can be obtained from an online store violin for half or less than half the cost of a violin a shop in person.
You can literally save hundreds of dollars by buying online rather than in a violin shop in person. The main reason for this is because the cost of operating a violin shop in person. You should keep in mind that the store owner has many bills to pay each month to keep their shop in person running. This includes the rent of shops location, license, merchant account costs, and utilities, including municipalities such as water and electricity. So when you buy a violin in a violin shop in person is also committed to pay the overheads.
However, when you make a purchase from a violin shop online, you can get discounts for good reason just because a store like the violin, musical instruments, works only on-line. Therefore, it is not necessary to add additional costs for the instruments they sell. This means that you pay just above cost for the violins that you buy musical instruments. You can take all the money you save money and spend it on other things that matter in your life or you can spend to pay for violin lessons or hardware that you require for your violin.
Musical Instruments is the World Wide Web the leading authority when it comes to buying and getting violins. In fact, they are the repository of best-selling and award-winning violin, which offers a variety of packages at competitive costs. In addition, the rates charged by the musical instruments are extremely low, and the same prices are not likely to find elsewhere. However, just because their rates are low, does not mean that the quality of their products suffer. Musical instruments, produces and sells high quality products made with the best technologies and resources.
In addition, the instruments of music offers a variety of clothes, which are full of extra goodies violin, including strings free. Musical Instruments also offers a training session for the violin high quality video format that can be used successfully to learn to play the violin. These features and low prices offered by the instruments of music that made him so popular and reliable. If you want to learn to play the violin and the need to acquire a violin once, then you should consider using musical instruments during your purchase.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Sustainability | Local Designer Denise Shardlow Merges Comfort, Style And Sustainability

Denise Shardlow often jokes that she is wearing your pajamas in public likewearing.
The Levit town native, who now lives and works in Elkins Park, is the founder of Shardlow Designs - a comfortable, stylish fashion line crafted from sustainable bamboo and soy products.
"My customer is someone who wants the mix of style comfort, and individuality," says Shardlow. "I Design clothing deliberately you can not do all three days and can work for any occasion."
Shardlow, who sells most of her clothing line, which explains that designing was something she fell into at an early age. "I started out Suppose I designing things I want to spend," she says. "So then at aller average pre-teen, I got clothes-shopping frustrating and naturally just started making my own clothes."
Ten years ago, started Shardlow selling homemade handbags and local boutiques business as a designer began to cancel.
She introduced bamboo and soy fabrics four years ago and was immediately attracted to the environmentally friendly nature the products. Shardlow fabrics inspired the creation of clothing line has become a full-blown business.
But Shardlow explains that "going green" was not really a conscious decision. Instead, it was more of evolution.Shardlow says she's spent her whole life trying live simply and knowing the world 's resources. Sustainability became as part of their natural routine and she influenced how ran her business.
Now It consists, according Shardlow s and leggings everything from tunic tops with elaborately constructed dresses and coats. Newest addition includes her clothing collection called the Oragami versatile dress. The proof can viscose bamboo-wear in more than 20different ways.
"I like things with more then one form," says Shardlow. "I enjoy coming up with different ways to wear one piece."
The ability to spend Shardlow 's clothes in different ways is something sets her apart from other designers. There are a number of online the items are reversible and, because they from bamboo fabric, they do not wrinkle easily. Characteristics make designs are the perfect choice for summer vacation. "When Itravel, I like simplicity and best packing light," says Shardlow. "That's one of the greatest benefits of my line. I just myclothing roll up into a ball, put a rubber band around it and throw it in my suitcase."

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sustainability | FedEx Launches EarthSmart Sustainability Program In EMEA

FedEx Express, the largest transport company in the world and express a subsidiary of FedEx Corp. (NYSE: FDX), which was officially launched its sustainability program EarthSmart in Europe, the Middle East, Indian subcontinent and Africa ( EMEA). The launch comes with Earth Day just to celebrate in more than 175 countries worldwide.
 "EarthSmart represents the next evolution of environmental sustainability?? At FedEx," said Beth Galetti, Vice President, Planning and Engineering, FedEx Express EMEA. "Our track record shows a winning combination of innovation, leadership, and cooperation in implementing projects with tangible business and environmental benefits. With EarthSmart, we extend and deepen the breadth of our commitment to create ways to engage in formal staff, customers and community stakeholders in achieving environmental goals? divided. "
EarthSmart developed in conjunction with Esty Environmental Partners, a leading sustainability consultancy.
"We must not underestimate the contribution of our people. We know change starts here", said Kenneth F Koval, Vice President, Operations, FedEx Express India. "We are deeply grateful to our employees that the commitment of environmental oversight?? With unwavering resolve, dedication and enthusiasm."

To celebrate the efforts of staff FedEx, FedEx Express will donate a tree in honor of each employee. The tree donation program, organized in conjunction with Plant-to-the-Planet, resulting in at least 16,000 trees have been around the region. The company is inviting employees to be on his philanthropic efforts with the aim to donate 20,000 trees to the EMEA. Plant-is-the-Planet END organization works with children in 99 countries with the goal of empowering children to shape their future by building awareness on sustainability issues and youth at planting one million trees in every country around the world.

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