Sunday, July 25, 2010

Travel - トラベル

Traveling has become trendy and a must for majority of people.And the fastest way to travel definitely is by plane.And yet the fare has tremendously adjusted from unaffordable to everyone can fly now a days.
In actual fact, planes are roughly comparable to cars in fuel consumption per passenger mile, at least with respect to carbon dioxide output. It makes for an easy comparison; a 60-hour cross-country car trip burns up about the same amount of fuel per passenger, and has the same "carbon footprint," as a five-hour cross-country flight.
At this era of time,green is commonly recommended to every aspect of life,even travel. When it comes to the environment and your travel, sometimes a mile is a mile.An eco-friendly tour that's all about sustainability, appreciating the planet and taking action to make things better.By all mean the travel should
consider the carbon footage as well. So many expedition have started  traveling by cycling or even on
foot.We are not talking about within the country but thousand miles from one destination to another.
Many travelers are willing to do something about  saving the earth-- but are we willing to stop traveling?

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